Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our shells simply cannot hold our insides in

Been sick the past couple of days- took 100mg of gabapentin for five days starting last Wednesday and by Sunday it finally caught up to me. That plus way overdoing it on Saturday- I was foolish enough to both go looking at wedding dresses with my cousin-in-law and go sit and watch a baseball game on the same day, I should have known I wouldn't have the energy- and I slept most of Sunday and Monday, with alternating periods of piercing headaches and nausea. I guess I should glad to know that yet another medication doesn't do jack shit but make me sick.

So I missed all sorts of things, including Gonzales' horrible Senate testimony and this interesting news about the corruption of the Oil for Food program in the lead up to the Iraq war, unfortunately implicating some of the most vocal anti-war politicians in Europe. I wish I could say I was surprised. People who practice politics for a living seem to turn out to be the worst sort of people, no matter what positions they espouse. I suspect its all the money floating around, not that I have it in me to be glad that I was never offered hundreds of thousands of dollars just to give my opinion to news cameras. Christ, I could use that kind of money.

What actually inspired me to post was this article in the the Weekly Standard, though. What a load of bullshit, it makes me want to punch the author in the face. The last thing the military needs is some smug columnist making up history and then pretending that the minority of soldiers who are conned by the administration's propaganda are somehow role models for us all. Fuck him. What we really need is someone- or preferably lots of someones- to get outraged about how Americas sons and daughters have been used as pawns, manipulated and then betrayed to their deaths by a man who has no idea what leadership is about.

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