Thursday, October 11, 2007

See my shadow changing

The weather is finally turning colder and more autumnish, although cold is relative and I think some of it is just that it's not as humid, and it's breezy today. But nights are definitely getting colder, and I broke out the giant hoody sweatshirt yesterday evening. The temperature inside is only about 75 degrees, and I'm cold. I miss the days when I would keep my windows open in winter so that my room was much colder than the rest of the house, because the cold made me think easier.

The plants in my poor abused garden are doing just fine, though. They went through some kind of growth spurt, and I think one of them is planning on being a tree. In addition to the bushy types that were there originally, there's more than a few weeds, which are even more interesting. It amazes me how resilient life is, how it creeps in and sets down roots where it's not supposed to be. Raze it to the ground and bury it in the dark and still it reaches for the sun. I wish I had that kind of courage.

One of the weeds appears to be chives. It doesn't photograph well, being mostly a skinny green line, so there is no picture. But, it tastes like chives. Makes me want to grow a kitchen herb garden or something, that could be done in pots. I would bet that seeds or seedlings for herbs are even more expensive than for common flowers, though. Maybe someday.

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