Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some Pictures from the Trip

Some people say South Dakota prairie is boring, but I have to disagree. The way the wind blows the grass makes it look like the ground itself is alive.

The hills in Wyoming reminded me of Brokeback Mountain, and I teared up, again. I'm such a sucker for sad stories.

Montana was a bit colder than I expected- that's snow on the hills there.

And even more snow!

I love the Decemberists, so when I saw Tarkio's namesake I had to stop.

Turns out Tarkio is on a river that is absolutely gorgeous.

I believe this may be the Columbia River. There was a turnout by the highway with this incredible vantage point. The eastern Washington desert is just brilliant.

You know you're home when the trees are bigger around than you are tall. Also when the temperature drops and everything becomes shrouded in mist. Western Washington's climate is a real downer, but it does produce some beautiful landscapes.


The Goldfish said...

These are some beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. :-)

Elizabeth McClung said...

That first picture really brings out the best of the prairies, or whatever south dakota is; I found montana to be the same on my road trip. I like how you ended with the big trees. That's how I feel too - I said to Linda when I met her (in Manitoba) - "Those aren't trees, they are just oversized bushes, trees are things you can't encircle with your hand." She was pissed at me until I took her to the west coast to see the 200 ft Douglas Fir - "those are TREES".

And look where we moved!