Sunday, September 28, 2008

Like a vagabond with a fishing pole

Last week was the first week of class, and I'm wiped out. I'm taking one (1) class, a freshman geology course that has me in class a grand total of 7 hours a week and is an easy A, and I'm completely wiped out. I feel like I have the flu.

Its almost hard to believe that I'm seriously considering several years of this. Who voluntarily puts themselves through this much pain? I must be crazy.

My teacher is also crazy, and one of the worst things about the class is that she stands in the front spouting insane, impossible shit and I can't rebut and save the minds of the rest of the class from debilitating ignorance.

I know I have a tendency to exaggerate drama, but I'm really not kidding here. An example:

She is convinced that global warming isn't caused by human influence. Now, a lot of people believe this because they have a vested interest in doing whatever the fuck they want to the environment and their beliefs follow their interests, and she used to work for an oil company, so maybe that's all there is to it. However, the alternate explanation for global warming is so off the wall that her acceptance of it makes me wonder why she's a science teacher.

The cause of global warming, she says, is solar wind. Not directly, though- nothing as simple as solar winds heating the atmosphere and causing climate change. No, you see, solar winds have been less strong in the last 30-50 years than they were before that, which is a problem because solar winds exert pressure on the Earth's atmosphere, so when the solar winds are less strong, less pressure on the Earth's atmosphere means the atmosphere expands. When the atmosphere expands, the lowered air pressure allows the tectonic plates (and I guess the whole Earth) to expand, widening the space between plates and allowing magma to push up from the core into the plate boundaries under the oceans at the poles, causing an increase in undersea volcanoes which heat up the ocean water. The heated ocean water causes the sea ice to melt and affects the weather.

At least its a novel and exciting theory, right? Even if it does rely on a complete misunderstanding of gravity.

I guess in one sense, its encouraging that someone like this can get a job as a science teacher. It means I have a chance of finding employment, which is a thought that is at least partially appealing. I really hate doing things that make me feel this ill, but I also hate living in the room behind my parents' house. Enduring pain and fatigue and idiocy like this are all part of the plan to get me a crappy studio apartment of my very own.

My dedication to this plan gets more and more tenuous the more I think about it, so I've been not thinking about it. I've been knitting, and I read Kit Whitfield's Benighted yesterday, it's really quite good. I also started up a short story set in the Left Behind universe. Slacktivist finished LB Fridays, or at least finished the analysis of the first book, and I figure if there's any time to write a foefic for Right Behind, now is it. Although the story is looking a bit long and not showing any signs of ending, so it might be too long to post on Right Behind. We'll see.


Elizabeth McClung said...

Wow, well in my class we studied warming patterns for 600 years and thickness of ice on the St.Lawrence Seaway (and on the Thames - anything that is a transport system gets ice measured obsessively) and it isn't the fact that there is warming, it is the factor or increased mathimatical rate of the warming which is not easily explained by natural sources.

As for magma, I know some vulcanologists (experts in Magma and volcanos) and it makes me want to call them up and have them invade her class. With all her theories of GLOBAL impact, can she do what no one can because of the diverse factors: predict the local weather? But she is predicting the global weather instead....


I am thinking you don't want people telling you that you are stalward, or brave but I recognize that you are doing what you need to do, that needs to be done, and you are suffering the situations that cannot currently be changed and while I would change it, I can't but I respect you in your endurance held with dignity.

Tayi said...

Thanks for your comments. I wouldn't say its true that I don't want people telling me I am brave or stalwart or whatever. In fact, I think I, like most people, appreciate recognition for things that I have done that are difficult. And maybe most people don't think that enduring a freshman geology class is difficult, but it is for me. So I'm glad that you see that even if most people don't.