Friday, January 04, 2008

A lot of blogs have been doing an end of the year thing where the writers pick out their best post of the year and repost it, or pick out their favorite post by someone else, and link to it. I'm not much for this end of the year nonsense, and I don't have a post of my own to put up again. I suppose I shouldn't even pretend that I think this is the best post I've read all year; I don't think you can make that kind of statement when you can't remember 85% of the year at all, although I suppose you can't stop people from saying these things anyway. All that aside, here is a post from Elizabeth at Screw Bronze!, that says some of the things I would like to say about pain. Her pain is not the same as mine, but the experience of agony marks us in the same ways and what she writes is true.

Things happening for no reason at all.

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